What Is Dagoretti Known For?

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What Is Dagoretti Known For?

Are you looking for a good place near the capital city to rent a house? Look no further; Dagoretti is an affordable place near the capital. So, you can walk instead of using the available modes of transport.

Dagorotti is known for 5-star hotels that host exhibitions, conferences, special events, and meetings, all within walking distance from the capital city. Also, Dagoretti is known for major events such as trail running, ranching, & road running. In English, Dagoretti is said to mean “The Great City.”

Apart from cheap rental houses, affordable food, medical services, and schools, you should choose Dagoretti town over others for many reasons. 

Check them below.

What is Dagoretti Known For?

Some major challenges Nairobians face in the 21st century are the high transport cost, food, security, and rent. Thankfully, Dagoretti people don’t have to worry about some of these issues. Why? 


  • Has modern rental houses
  • Is situated near the capital city
  • Hosts many 5-Star hotels 
  • Has good hospitals
  • Has well-performing schools

Modern Rental Houses

Poorly built houses can be a major threat to your security. Thanks to modern houses built with stones and metal doors. Such enhances your safety. Thankfully, we have many affordable rental houses in Dagoretti. 

Moreover, you can get any type of house: single, bedsitter, one-bedroom or two-bedroom. Nevertheless, the cost could be high or low based on how far the house is from town, the area’s security, and the house’s size. 


Dagoretti is within walking distance away from town. This is great news for three reasons: First, you’ll never have to worry about the high transport cost. 

Secondly, during on-peak hours, you won’t have to line up to board a bus; unless you have a health challenge, you only need to walk home. 

Thirdly, during on-peak hours, the traffic is very high; hence you spend more hours on the road when you use a bus than walking.

So, living in Dagoretti, only 30 to 36 minutes away from town, is the best decision you would ever make. This cuts down on living costs in Nairobi and eliminates needless commuting stress.

Nevertheless, how fast you get to town also depends on your route. From Dagoretti to the capital city through Oloitoktok Rd will take about 34 minutes since it’s approximately 14.7 km away.

On the other hand, the Waiyaki Way/A104 route will take around 36 minutes since it’s 20.2 km from Nairobi town. 


No one wants to risk living in areas where hospitals are hundreds or thousands of kilometers away from hospitals. Life is more precious than anything else, but losing it takes only a few seconds! Therefore, hospitals are must-have facilities in any town you live in.

Some affordable hospitals in Dagoretti include St Joseph’s Dispensary and Dagoretti Approved Dispensary. 


Dagoretti has some of the best-performing schools, for example, Dagoretti High School. Some primary schools in Dagoretti include Mbagathi Road Primary, Mutuini Primary, Joseph Kangethe Primary, and Kabiria Primary School. 

Here is a list of more schools in Dagoretti

5-Star Hotels

Do you love eating out, spending a night out, or occasionally being away from your house? Don’t look for cheap houses in Kawangware

Rather, consider Dagoretti your best living place because it has many 5-star hotels. 

One such hotel is Stay.Plus Hill View Studio Apartment.

Same case if you work with a company that hosts many conference meetings within the capital city or love watching athletics, such as road running. 

Since Dagoretti is only 20 to 25 km from the capital city, it’s a great place to live. Besides, the high number of hotels in this town also means that the town is well-developed and with good lighting, which boosts your security. 

So, consider living in Dagoretti to ease commuting and live in a well-lighted place with good security. Once again, check our list of affordable modern houses and apartments in Dagoretti town.

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