Ngong Road: Is it a Good Place to Live?

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Ngong Road

Ngong Road leads to many luxurious and fancy residential houses, for instance, Karen, Lavington, Kileleshwa, and Kilimani. Consequently, the rental houses on Ngong Road are also elegant. Besides, it is surrounded by many classy malls, for example, The Greenhouse Mall and Prestige Plaza.

Also, Ngong Road is known for various features, such as Ngong Market, Kenyatta National Hospital, and the Lang’ata roundabout. So, Ngong Road is a good place to live, and you can use the following bus numbers: 44G, 25A, 46K, 105, 33B, 11F, 44Z, and 24 to travel to Ngong Road from the city. 

Apart from the development of roads, availability of well-paying jobs, and prestigious rental houses, you should live on Ngong Road for many other reasons. Keep reading. 

Ngong Road

Ngong Road is one of the most developed areas in Kenya that most people desire to live in. There are many things that make it a great place to live, for example:

  • Availability of Medical Facilities
  • Prestigious Learning Institutions
  • Highly Developed
  • Street Lights
  • High-End Business Premises
  • Suitable Environment for Cyclists
  • Availability of Jobs
  • Cost of Living

Availability of Medical Facilities

One of the best hospitals in Ngong Road is Kenyatta National Hospital, which is a government facility. The hospital offers many medical services, for example, pharmaceutical, surgical, diagnostic, specialized clinic schedules, and nursing services. 

Other health facilities on Ngong Road include Nairobi Hospital, Better Living Hospital, and the University of Nairobi Dental Hospital. 

Worried about your kid’s going to school? No need!

Prestigious Learning Institutions

Learning creates a foundation for your children. It can build or destroy your kids’ future. For this reason, you need to invest in your kid’s education by finding a great learning institution. 

There are many learning institutions in Ngong Road where you could enroll your kids, for example, CITAM Schools, Elirama School, St Hannahs School, Greenyard Junior School, and Serare School, among others. Here’s a list of more private schools

Highly Developed

Major developments have been witnessed on Ngong Road in recent days. For example, the roads, previously two lanes, have seen a major expansion. 

The now dual carriageways have incredibly reduced traffic; hence less stress commuting to and from work. 

Street Lights

Besides the development of roads, Ngong Road has seen a huge development in lighting. The once-dark roads are well-lighted. 

Consequently, security is now good, and the number of accidents experienced at night has also decreased. 

High-End Business Premises

When you’re looking for an office, a residential house, an apartment, or a mall, you’ll not be frustrated when you choose Ngong Road. 

Some noticeable premises on Ngong Road include Prestige Shopping Plaza, Double Tree, Morning Side Office Park, and Junction Mall. 

Suitable Environment for Cyclists

Do you love cycling and want to live near the capital city so that you can use cycling as your primary way of commuting to work? I would suggest you live on Ngong Road. Due to the road expansion, cyclists can now use the road safely. Besides, it’s also enjoyable since there’s enough room for cycling. 

Availability of Jobs

Though the cost of living on Ngong Road is higher than in most other towns within the capital, there are more job opportunities there. Why? The area houses many high-level facilities, for example, Kenyatta National Hospital and, Nairobi Hospital, KASNEB, among others.

Additionally, there are many car dealers and malls on Ngong Road. So, you don’t have to commute to town for work; you can look for a house on Ngong Road nearby your working area. 

Cost of Living

Due to the major development in Ngong Road and the luxurious lifestyle of the people living in this area, houses may not be as cheap as in Kawangware

However, there’s every reason for living on Ngong Road. First, the security on Ngong Road is great. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about safety on your way to work or home. 

Besides, there’s no water shortage here since it’s home to many prestigious premises and prominent people.

Consequently, the cost of living on Ngong Road is more expensive than in most towns, including Dagoretti

Who Can Live on Ngong Road?

Anyone can live on Ngong Road as long as they can afford the high cost of living. The price of rental houses may vary based on the premises’ design and size. Plus, the location, water provision, and lighting. 

So, while one bedroom can go for about KSh 7000 in one place, it could go for KSh 18000 to 25000 in another. For example, a flat one-bedroom bungalow house could go for KSh 16000 to 20000 while mini flat bungalows could go for KSh 7000 to 12000. 

On the other hand, bedsitters could go for KSh 6000 to 10000 or more based on their design, location, and other factors. 

Two and three-bedroom houses could cost you anywhere between KSh 16000 to 30000. Commercial offices, though, could cost you even more, especially if major business premises surround them, such as malls, apartments, and hospitals. 

Thankfully, since the people living in Ngong Road are well up, paying rent has never been an issue for them. So, you should not fear living in this area or renting an office. 

Ngong Road is a prestigious town that most people desire to live in. It is well-lit and has good security, and it homes many prestigious buildings. Besides, the recent development of the roads has improved traffic flow, thereby eliminating the commuting headache that previously made it challenging to live there.

So, if you’re looking for a prestigious place to call home, rent a house on Ngong Road today.

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