4 Unknown Reasons Why You Should Live in Kawangware 

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If you’re looking for an affordable town to live in Nairobi, consider Kawagware. Here’s why. The town is regarded as one of the ‘low-income’ places to live. This means people with a low or average income can comfortably live here because houses and food are cheap. 

Situated between Dagorreti and Lavington, Kawangware is known for its cheap rental houses and highly affordable food, schools, and hospitals. Hosting over 130 000 people, the town is only 15 km west of Nairobi. It was a weekly market zone in the Kiambu district. Some villages in Kawangware include Kabiria, Congo, and Wanyee.

But there’s more to why you should live in Kawangware if you struggle to make ends meet. Also, if you want to save more to secure your future! 

Read on. 

Why Do People Prefer Kawangware?

Several things make Kawangware stand out from the crowd:

  • Cheap rental houses
  • Affordable food
  • Availability of hospitals 
  • Cheap primary schools

Cheap Rental Houses

With single rental houses going for as low as sh. 3600 and one bedroom going for as low as KSh. 13000, you can easily find a house that suits your budget. However, the cost of rental houses may vary based on location, security, water provision, and lighting. 

Compared to the cost of living in most other towns in Nairobi, you’d better choose Kawangware, especially if you’ll be using public means to travel to work. Why? Since rental houses are cheap, you can comfortably afford the fare to town and back. Besides, it takes about 22 minutes to get to the capital city. 

Affordable Food

One thing that sets Kawangware apart is the high number of posho mills. People prefer grade 1 maize flour because it is cheap and nutritious. This also means that the wheat flour in Kawangware is cheap.  

Additionally, farm-grown foods are also incredibly cheap. If you want to reap big, go to the Kawangware market on Tuesdays and Fridays. You’ll buy more food for less because these are market days. 

Availability of Hospitals 

Regardless of where you live, hospitals are vital facilities. Thank God, there are many hospitals in Kawangware town. 

They include Kawangware Health Centre, Kabiro Medical Clinic, Mercy Mission Health Centre, Muteithania Medical Clinic, Orthodox Dispensary, Riruta Health Centre, Sokoni Arcade VCT, and Melchezedek Hospital, just to mention a few. 

Availability of Schools

Though some kids don’t attend school in Kawangware, private and public schools are available and affordable. Some public schools include Dagoretti Muslim Primary School, Gatina Primary School, and Riruta Hgm Primary School. If you have a special needs child, consider Riruta Hgm Primary School. 

Private schools include World Hope Academy Primary School, Crossroad Academy, Mwangaza United Primary School, and Light Christian Academy. Check out more primary schools here. 

What Is Kawangware Known For?

Kawangware is known for its high number of posho mills! Unlike most other places where you find many pubs, Kawangware has set itself apart and raised its bars because there are many posho mills but few bars. 

Seemingly, the people of Kawangware love the Grade 1 maize floor, which is cheap and more nutritious than the grade 2 sold in supermarkets. 

Kawangware is also known for its low cost of living. So, most people find rental houses to be way cheaper than in other towns. 

Besides, the cost of food here is very low. Hence, most people can comfortably live on KSh 100 a day.

If you’re looking for a cheap rental house in Kawangware that fits your lifestyle, click the “Location” option on our home page and select Kawangare.  

The low number of pubs indicates that the crime rate is also low. Therefore, Kawangware is one of the best places to live in. The high charges of public means of transport when commuting to work daily is another reason you should live in Kawangware because house rent is incredibly cheap. 

Whether you have a huge family to feed or live all by yourself, you’ll love the cost of food in Kawangware. To cut down on the cost of food even more, go to the market on Tuesdays or Fridays. You’ll not only manage to get fresh farm products, but the price will also be lower. 

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